Do you find that you always have some niggly pain? Do you have to tailor your training because parts of your body hurt? Do your muscles feel tights or like you can’t do all of the movements you want to do in training?

Sports massage has benefits outside of just improving sports performance. As a more tailored and specific treatment it can be used to help with posture, ease tense muscles and as pain relief for an injury or previous injury.

In addition to the physical benefits of massage, treatments have been shown to have a positive impact on stress and anxiety. By increasing the release of hormones such as oxytocin which help the body to relax and focus, and decreasing the impact of stress hormones such as cortisol, the hormones released during massage have been shown to improve mental alertness and clarity after the session. After time this can help to lower blood pressure and induce a feeling of relaxation.

Client Testimonials

  • I have seen both Andy and Rosie for sports massage over the last few years and have always had great results. As someone who tends to push their body harder than I possibility should it is a great help to me to have regular maintenance massages to keep me on track to the next challenge. Rosie and Andy not only have a great knowledge in terms of there treatment but they also understand that I want to get back to training as soon as possible when I am injured and always give me things I can do between sessions to help me get back on track as quickly as possible. I can’t recommend enough! 

    • Sports Massage
  • I've always wanted to try yoga but being a runner and addicted to spin, I'm also not very bendy! The site of all those people in yoga classes, doing lots of different poses which look impossible to me, it was quite intimidating.

    Then I went to Rosie's classes! She understood immediately how daunting it is to take that first step into a class.Rosie gently guided us through some simple yoga poses and led us into linked movements, really encouraging us along the way.I felt a real progression in how far I could stretch over the course and I’m now not so unbendable! Thanks Rosie for a great course and I'll definitely be back for more.

    • Yoga
  • Fantastic. For someone that has never enjoyed exercise the time flys and the class is made fun with games and challenges. No clock watching which is a first for me! Couldn't recommended this enough, with nutritional support and optional weigh ins, I'm losing weight, getting fit and actually enjoying doing it! 

    • Strive Class
  • I have just finished a 6 week weight and strength programme with Strive Fitness. It was a new way of thinking for my work outs. Rosie taught me a range of weight exercises and each week we increased the weights. She was there watching making sure I was doing the exercises correctly and getting the best out of each rep. I really noticed the benefits of this class. I have become stronger and just so surprised at the amount of weight I can now lift. After the six weeks I can start to see muscle definition all over my body. Cannot recommend this programme highly enough!

    • Group Personal Training Session
  • I have been working with Rosie for the last 18 months through one to one and small group personal training.

    Most recently my weekly one to one sessions are focused on strength training to support my endurance open water swimming goals. The training has been specific and progressive so that week on week I can feel the difference in the gym and then notice the difference in the pool. Rosie has a great style; relaxed and friendly teamed with being encouraging and always challenging. I look forward to our sessions on #trainhardtuesday and even on the odd occasion when I turn up simply not wanting to do it, I always leave with a sense of achievement, she has a greater belief in my abilities than I have in myself which helps to push me further. I would thoroughly recommend training with Rosie and the Strive Fitness team.

    • Personal Training Client