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So for the first time in I can’t remember how long I came out of Christmas and the New Year weighing the same as when it all started so I am really chuffed with that. I didn’t over buy so we didn’t over eat, I planned the menus so I knew what we were having when and on occasion I gave myself the reality check of looking at the calories of a “treat” and weighing it up against firstly a glass of fizz and secondly how long I’d have to walk for later that day or the next day to burn it off – so there we have it all back to decisions and choices.

Like many others I am pleased to be into the new year – we spent the long weekend on the Dorset coast enjoying long bracing walks and some time out to plan ahead for 2017 looking at holidays, challenges and alike which was great but there really is something to be said for being back in some of element of routine or at the very least actually knowing what day of the week it is! So the return to normality for me really kicked off with heading back to my first PT session with Rosie last night. I pitched up having just been out for a long walk to get my steps up for the day and we kicked off my set up session for the next 7 weeks…its all about strength training for me with Rosie as she really challenges me on the weights I lift and I was pleased to see some firm favourites in there together with some different and new stuff too.

So super motivated after that session I slept really well last night and got up and at it this morning – off I went to Nuffield and set about one of my alternating gym programmes, read my emails whilst walking up a hill on the treadmill and then started tracking everything. Writing it down or tracking it really is the only way for me so I’m all over it – my Fitbit app monitors my steps, I can manually add in all my exercise, note all that I eat and drink and it’ll tell me calories in and out as well as tracking my sleep. I also jumped on the scales and logged that and set clear my Sri Lanka weight loss goal. “Get off the scales” I hear you cry but actually I know that the lean muscle gains I make at the moment through weight training are not going to balance out the fat loss I need to see as well so as a tool and not an obsession then for me they are doing no harm at this stage.

So there we go I’m set up with a food plan, exercise plan and tracking everything in and out! Game on for 2017.

Let the shrinking commence

Liz x

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    Thanks, great article.

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