“Feel the fear and do it any way”

What could you accomplish if you weren’t afraid?

I have found since I started to get more involved in the endurance world and learning from some awesome people that there are 2 kinds of people when it comes to challenges. While here I am looking at it from a physical challenge standpoint it is equally seen with other challenges.

1) The people who wish they could.
2) The people who start and work it out later.

The “wish I coulds” say a lot of things like “oh I would love to but I don’t have time” “oh I would do that if…” “its too hard for me…”

The Do-ers say things like “How can I learn to…” “how does it work when…” “what does it take”

Wish I coulds find excuses as to why they can’t do things other can or hide behind ‘unavoidable’ things that stop them to hide their fear.

The do-ers are not less scared of challenge, far from it. They just ask questions to work around their barriers rather than stopping the first sign of difficulty.

“wish I coulds” are not necessarily scared of the challenge itself (thought they can be), they are scared of failing at it…any of this sounding familiar?

On the whole, I am a do-er. Even if I am not sure I can do something I will start and work it out or ask people who know more than me questions as I go. While I don’t like to fail I don’t fear it, I just want to fail quickly and forward. Failing quickly you can change course and work out what to do next to keep going for that goal.

A failure doesn’t mean something is impossible, it means that the course you are taking isn’t optimal right now.

So why is this relevant to my current training & life.

Well, as some of you will know this has been a crazy month. It is with sadness that I have had to decide to stop seeing my 121 clients in the UK (though I am thrilled the lovely Jade is staying with you all so I can come visit!) so that has taken some organising, I have got a lot of projects going on work wise and my training is ramping up as I get closer to race day. It is a this point a “wish I could” would be using these excuses as a reason to stop or pull out rather than using these issues as a learning moment.

So this means I have failed a few times this month.

Failed to get my routine right
Failed to get my nutrition as strong as I like to
Failed to hit all of the sessions I wanted to

But I have failed forward, making changes and adapting along the way, so is it really a negative?
Lets talk specifics, what have I been doing?

Well I know that for me mindset is probably the most important thing for me to get right even over the training at the moment. I know that I can do this race…it might not be very pretty but I will get round before the cut off. But whether I go into it confident and feeling my best is down to the mindset work I am doing now. So, even if my training has been a little off I have doubled down on my mindset work.

No point expecting confidence and determination to be firing from all cylinders on the day if you haven’t worked on it before, that would be like turning up to a marathon having never even put on a pair of trainers…your legs wouldn’t know what had hit them and it’s the same for your brain.

Learning to get okay with the uncomfortable, confident with being just you and your performance (and happy being in your own head for a few hours!) and practicing extreme ownership of your actions is so massively under rated in races.

I have no fear of failure, I just want it to happen sooner if it is going to. With 12weeks (i think? might be less now actually!) to go a difficult month can be recovered and learned from.

As I have already said, most people not taking action are scared of failing. Strangely not deciding to on a challenge, whether that is physical, business or personal feels safer than the risk of trying and failing.

That decision to not take action is still a decision…

…what is the risk of not doing it?

That is a conversation for another blog.

For now have a think, what would you do if you weren’t scared of failing?

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