Why I had to detox…



Do you know what your values are?

I have spoken about this before, but in brief, having an underlying set of values that are unchanging regardless of circumstance is a huge way to help you have long term success. This doesn’t have to be anything cheesy and woo woo, instead just the things that are really important to you and your life.  

Some of mine are: 

  1. I get outside and walk every day 
  2. I make time for 10mins of yoga per day 
  3. I prioritise my own learning and development every day
  4. I train to be fit and strong to be able to do what I want to for as long as I want to.

The list goes on but I won’t bore you with it all. 

As a lot of you will know I am not working in person with clients much at the moment. (I actually got in the gym with someone this week and had the best time, I don’t think I realised how much I had missed it. Anyway, that is not the point I was trying to make!) Instead I spend a lot of my time running between training, filling out spreadsheets and working online with clients. With new projects starting, more clients, more travel and more training I had lost sight of a couple of my core values. 

So I had to detox.

I looked at my own day and routine and where my wasted time was, and trimmed down and focus in on the goals at hand. 

Not only did I look at the things that were physically taking my time away but also the things that were sapping my energy and slowing me down. I unfollowed a load of fitness industry people online because the bickering is frankly unbearable, I cut down my friends list on Facebook from 450 to 70 people (sorry to anyone that I unfriended, its not personal and its not that I don’t like you, I am just cutting down on brain space) and I have been unsubscribing from emails every day. 

Not only has this been a giant time creator, but also has made me be far more positive in mindset. 

Better mindset = better attitude = better at dealing with things that crop up. 

It is not practical or wise to think that situations are never going to turn up in your life. Things will knock your confidence, they will make you sad or angry, but life is 10% stuff that happens and 90% how you deal with it and having those values that underpin your actions. This is one of the huge things we tackle in my 12 week accelerated programme, stuff is going to happen, how you deal with it is your choice. 


Life detox: It’s a thing. (come on, you really thought I was going to be writing about a detox diet…!? You know my thoughts on that, if your kidneys are functioning detox is taken care of!) 

So, training update.

Honestly, it has been tough for a couple of weeks. Between lots of work and travel and a couple of niggles I had lost my mojo with it a little. Having a long term goal is great, but it is sometimes hard to keep the momentum even when you have short term goals along the way too.

How do you combat that?

Well first, re-discover your “why”. I am doing this race (and hopefully my full Ironman140.6 next year) for MacMillan. I lost far too many loved ones in the last couple of years to cancer and all of them had support from MacMillan. I race with reminders in sharpie on my arm as to why I am there, sometimes when I need some training motivation I jot it on then too. Brings it back to why it is important.

Secondly, I have added in some variety to my training to spark my interest. I am learning to handstand and going bouldering more to work my upper body instead of hitting the gym for as many sessions. Getting away from the structure and doing some different things can sometimes be helpful. I am not an elite athlete, I don’t have to be specific all of the time.

Thirdly, I have been getting accountable. My coach is known to give the tough love talk when needed, even in scheduling a call I started to get my head in the game. Sometimes you already know what you need to do, a good coach just asks the right questions to get you there yourself and challenges you on the stories you tell yourself are true…which rarely are!



What are you working on right now?

I have 2 spaces on my accelerated programme and 4 on my group programme available to start in a couple of weeks, if you want to start hitting those goals, actually take action and commit to getting the body you want to have with the mindset to keep it there drop me an email to team@strivefit.co.uk with the subject line HELL YES 

Until next time,



“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”

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