Highly motivated personal trainer Andy Glen

Andy Glen

Personal Trainer
    Trainer Bio

    Mondays never feel like a chore when you love your profession, I have been fortunate to work within the fitness industry since I was 18 and have enjoyed every year. Helping clients achieve their goals is one of the most rewarding parts of being a trainer.

    I have trained a wide variety of clients’ with goals ranging from rehabilitation post surgery, weight loss goals, sports competitions and ultra endurance events. I understand the importance of motivation in keeping my clients working hard and consistently towards their targets. Personally I struggle with motivation when it comes to pushing myself during workouts when there is no end goal. I mean sure, I still get in the gym and exercise, but with no real purpose and this is coming from someone who has always enjoyed running around. I tend to overcome this by entering some form of race or event that seems like a good idea at the time, until I sleep on it and realise what I’ve just got myself into. The hard work is soon overcome by the sense of achievement when you reach your goal, and puts everything into perspective.

    Tailoring health and fitness needs around you’re lifestyle is essential; juggling kids, work, social occasions and any other aspects in life can be challenging, but not impossible. Setting realistic goals and creating a realistic exercise regime to fit into your lifestyle is key to taking steps towards where you want to be!